Fred the Stick Man and Jack the Snow Man are always up to mischief in the snow-covered land of Twistyville, but damaging Santa's sleigh is a step too far. As they are making amends for their misdemeanours, all of Twistyville is taken over by the Venomous Velocity in a bid for Ultimate Power. Together with the Lovely Unicorn, they must embark on a quest to retrieve Santa's magical Snowglobe to save Twistyville before it's too late. 

Are they up to the task? Does Marshmallow Land hold the key? And why is that snow yellow?

This episode was created with The Place Theatre, Bedford, with all ideas from Louis and Harvey, Beatrice, Ava and Sophia, Rufus, Owen and Pippa and all their families.

Created by Paper Balloon Theatre: music & sound design Darren Clark, voice work from Darren, Jimena Larraguivel, Dorie Kinnear and Alex Kanefsky.

Ideas collated by Stevie @ Control.

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